Poutine: More Than a Dish, a Legend

The Origins of Poutine

As an internationally renowned dish from Québec, poutine’s roots trace back to the 1950s. Legend has it that it was invented when customers requested to add cheese curds to their fries, before gravy became its signature final touch.

This culinary creation quickly became a symbol of Québécois identity, crossing borders and gaining popularity across Canada and the globe.

A special poutine that spells the word POUTINE

The Traditional Poutine Recipe

Required Ingredients

The simplicity of poutine’s ingredients - fries, cheese curds, and gravy - belies a complexity of flavors once combined. The quality of each component is crucial for the dish’s success.

Preparation Steps

Preparing poutine requires attention and precision: fries must be crispy on the outside and tender inside, cheese curds fresh enough to squeak when bitten into, and gravy hot and flavorful.

Modern Variations of Poutine

Over the years, poutine has seen many variations, with innovative chefs adding ingredients such as pulled pork, wild mushrooms, or even lobster. These modern creations pay homage to the traditional dish while exploring new culinary horizons.

Poutine in Popular Culture

Poutine is not just a dish; it holds a cherished place in Québécois popular culture, symbolizing comfort, camaraderie, and national pride. It is celebrated in numerous festivals, movies, books, and songs.